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Current Products:
The following products are currently manufactured and offered for sale by DeVaSys.
     USB I2C/IO,  Interface Board

The USB I2C/IO interface board provides a simple, "drop-in", solution for customers that need to connect hardware to a P.C.  The new Rev. C1 board provides up to 32 bits of user-configurable digital I/O, an I2C/SMBUS interface with a configurable clock (100Kbps, 400Kbps, 1Mbps, and more).  The included device driver, dll, and example application software makes it easier than ever to interface to your P.C.

Discontinued Products:
The following products are no longer manufactured by DeVaSys or offered for sale.  We are maintaining these links for previous customers and for general information purposes.
     USBLPT-PD11, USB development board (desktop version)

The USBLPT-PD11 board provides a development tool to assist in developing USB device firmware.  The board provides a mechanism to use an ordinary P.C. as your target USB Device hardware.  The USB Device firmware is then developed as a DOS or Windows application which communicates with the interface board using a "bit-banged" I2C protocol, implemented via an LPT interface. .  A second P.C. is used as a normal USB Host.  Source code for several example USB devices is provided.  

     USBLPT-PD11D, USB development board (dongle version)

The USBLPT-PD11D provides similar functionality as the desktop version (see the USBLPT-PD11, above) in a smaller, "dongle" form factor.  The smaller size allows the board to be attached directly to the LPT connector on the back of the development P.C. (great for use with Laptops).



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